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Warp speed as Jean Luc Picard would have said, I guess you have realized that I spend the holiday season on Netflix and that I watched StarTrek Next Generation the whole series seasons 1-7 what a show.

Well, the new year is here and it is time put the calendar in order. When it comes to task completion the major difference between a calendar and a to-do-list is that the calendar accounts for time. A calendar should help you make the most of your time- not just track events. Remember your calendar never lies.

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You can’t say one thing and schedule another.

Where you spend your time is where your values are. Given the role that time plays in our lives, it would make sense to focus on managing our time instead of our tasks.

Here are a few ways to get you started

  1. Be present don’t overlap appointments no one wants to hear how you are sorry for being late again.
  2. Design the idea week so each day so it will be exciting. It’s important to know why and where you want them to take you.
  3.  Don’t go alone. Have a friend or co-worker help you create some boundaries so you can remain accountable it could be as simple as just checking in.
  4. Whats your calling, are you going weeks or months doing things out of sheer obligation? We don’t have to quit our day job to discover our callings. You just need to figure out a way to pivot in the direction of more meaningful work.

At first, this may even usher in a sense of shame about where you’ve been spending your precious time.

Now the last one is to me the most important one “Banishing Time Vampires”

Make a list of the people you hang out with the most, then evaluate this list and see where you are spending to much time without benefit.

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Spending time with reckless people who don’t support your mission is not going to get you anywhere.

It all adds up your calendar is a wonderful tool for helping you to maintain a balance in your life.What are the areas of your life that need attention? Make a list of all the things that are important to you, add it to your calendar. Scheduling doesn’t just pertain to work it helps to shape us into the person we want to be.

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