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The 5 best things you can do for yourself for under $100.00

You would be surprised at how many people feel that they have to do the whole room or better yet the house over just to liven it up. Depending on your decor and wall coloring, a fresh coat of paint in a solid white, sand or ivory should do the trick.

If your furniture has a design of any kind try some throw pillows in a solid color or add a pillow with some words to the room. In the center of the table,  don’t forget a vase with fresh cut flowers in it for a nice added touch. The kitchen and bathroom are two areas perfect for decorative baskets choose containers that are practical as they are pretty.

Here are some of the most frequently overlooked ideas you can do yourself for under $100.00

black and white pillows with words on them

Throw pillows will instantly update an old sofa or chair, it’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate a new color scheme into the room without the full commitment, look for the current season’s colors and trends.

white vase on hall table with mirror in background

Baskets and decorative containers can help organize scattered items in the kitchen and eliminate clutter in the kid’s rooms, I find them perfect in the bathroom for towels.

flower in vase by the window

Fresh flowers-inexpensive arrangements in a vase you already own look beautiful and will add a fresh scent to the air.

mirror in a white picture frame with white flower in silver bucket

Potted plants, small or large, are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create visual appeal in your home.

clean crisp white linen bedroom setting with wooden tray on it

Throw pillows will instantly update an old sofa or chair or make a plain bed look luxurious.

Don’t forget to open the blinds and drapes in each room to create a bright and cheerful environment throughout your home.

Simple changes can have a great impact on your home. It’s all about the details.