The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on accomplishments and set future goals.

A calendar is one of the best tools to have if you are seeking constant improvement and a great website is another. Getting back into the swing of things can be a little hard at first, to the point where you start to procrastinate.

So let’s assume you’re convinced that you need to redesign your website; it’s long overdue and would definitely help attract more business. But when you sit down to work on it, you find yourself updating your grocery list or checking out Facebook instead.

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Each of these diversions and dozens of others provides you with small moments of satisfaction but detract from your bigger picture.To improve your personal productivity, it’s helpful to know that it’s much harder to start a task than to continue doing one. 


                                Getting started is more than half the battle!


The key is to break larger tasks into smaller tasks, which are less likely to be interrupted and therefore able to generate a sense of accomplishment. That way you are more likely to keep going and finish the rest.

Everyone procrastinates to different degrees, and everyone has their own unique reason for doing it.

Ultimately, the best productivity system boils down to spending time on your hardest tasks and managing your energy levels.

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Ninety-minute work segments may make sense for writers, programmers, or other types of focus, intense work but realize that each person needs different amounts of time and energy.


                                Your individual personality also plays a role. 


Here are some basic questions to ask yourself

What are my priorities?  Figure out what is most urgent.

When am I most productive?  Is that first thing in the morning?

What tasks can I delegate?  Pay someone to do it for you.


Just never forget that there is no perfect productivity plan only the one that works.

Heres a link to my free printable daily planner