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How to save time when it comes to moving?

I know the many decisions involved in the undertaking of having to move. Let’s face it, it sucks. So I thought it might be helpful to share some tips with you that my clients always seem to appreciate.

Tips To Make Your Move Easier

Moving can be a stressful time; however, there are several things that you can do to make your move a smooth one. Start packing as early as possible, it great when you know the actual moving date. There is nothing worse than having to move in a hurry.

Pace Yourself

If at all possible, pace yourself when packing. It’s better to pack a little at a time and make sure that nothing is forgotten than to hurry and try to get everything done within a day or two.

Have A Sale

Get rid of everything that you don’t need any more by having a sale, for the large items, place ads on Kijiji. Otherwise, you will just end up with this same sh*t at the new place. The extra money that you will make can go towards new items or furniture.

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Hey, my feeling is that it is one less thing that I have to carry.

Make A List.

There is nothing worst then not remembering where you put something that you need immediately.  By making a packing list for each box can save you time on the other end.

Oh, My God Whats In This Box?

Moving is hard enough, so don’t make it any worse by loading up your boxes with heavy sh*t in them that your arms are now getting a workout. If you pack lightly, it may cost you more footwork, but your arms and back will thank you at the end of the day.


So there you have it some of my tips on how to save time and move smartly.


Please leave your comments below on some of your moving experiences, what do you do to save time.