rainbow colors of hand for hope

In a word DONATE.

The first month of the new year is usually quiet so it is the perfect time to go through your closet and donate your gently worn clothes and shoes. Donating is good for the planet and it will help you keep your new years resolution.

So here is my top 10 list

  1. Winter Coats. Round up your old coats if you haven’t worn it all season it’s time to Let it go.
  2. Shoes that hurt your feet. We all have that pair of super sexy shoes that when we put them on they look great in the mirror, and never make it out the door. Let them go. Your feet will thank you.
  3. The Bridesmaid Dress enough say, Let it go.
  4. Old Make Up. Holding on to old makeup is something a lot of us are guilty of, but wearing products that are old or expired can be bad for your skin. Throw it out.
  5. Gifts That You Never Liked. Trust me when I say I understand the struggle here. Let it go.
  6. The Fix It Pile. If you were actually going to fix it you would have by now. Things that have been sitting around waiting to get some love are things that you probably are not going to wear anyway. Let it go.
  7. Things you held on to from the last time you cleaned out your closet. LET IT GO.
  8. Just because you spent Money$$$. If it still on the hanger with the tag on it, or out of style now that you waited so long to justify throwing it out. Let it go.
  9. College T-Shirts or any kind of t-shirt with beer on it. Let it go
  10. Old Magazines. As soon as the holiday season is over get rid of them. Recycle.


So there you have it hopefully this will help you keep your new years resolution and do your part in saving the planet.