How to break your bad habit once and for all


Our habits define us. It’s about time you paid attention to your habits. Look getting up every day, checking your email, feeding the cat, walking the dog, and get a small latte is no guarantee to a great fulfilling day.

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                                                      You must have a focus   

A real focus, something that you are passionate about. It’s time you paid attention to the habits that could be hindering your progress.

This is the year to start living your dreams go after your passions in life make them a reality. Filling your head with negative thoughts and excuses are not going to get you anywhere, in the end, it will just be another day another week that went by that you didn’t start living your dreams to the fullest.

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                                  The only thing worse than failure is not starting.       

There are many people out there that like their comfort zone, they take no action in life, fine so why do they complain.

Realize that every step you take is a step that gets you closer to your dreams.

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                                                      Don’t think. Act    

Get a momentum going focus on yourself and your dreams ride the wave of creativity, dig deep into your passion.  Don’t let up until you have created something.

Keep marching forward one step at a time right foot left foot again, each day until you have lift off.

You become the person you want to be not by huge lifestyle changes, but by manageable steps over time.