friends with hands in the air joy happines
When I think of family I don’t think of the obvious people in your life, I think of the people that are closest to you that we call them family and that is a friend. To have a  friend that is so close to you, that you could be brother or sister. Sometimes the closest people to us are not our families they are our friends. Friends are something that we get to choose unlike our families, friends are something I hope you are choosing well they say take a look at your 5 closest friends and you can see yourself.


There’s is nothing like the feeling of a friend who truly excepts you for who you are.”


Boston terrier playing with a gold box

I have to include my 4 legged friends in this post because they are family too.  The joy that my dog and cat bring me each and every day I can’t put into words they are just as important as any of my other friends or family members. So just remember this holiday season how fortunate we are to have a friend and family.