Choosing the right web host provider can be a bit difficult to do. The reason why I say this is, in the beginning, you don’t know what you need and as your business grows you hope that you have chosen one that can grow with you.

I am a big fan of doing things myself so WordPress is great for me. You, on the other hand, maybe more techie than me and feel comfortable with another platform.  Just remember that it needs to be a site that can handle the increase in traffic when it starts.

A popular provider that a lot of people choose is the Bluehost.

They have a monthly fee and annual fee. I recommend that you pay for the annual if you can. Why? I feel that if you pay for the annual you are more likely to stick with the website/blog. In the beginning, it is hard to get going and I don’t want you to have an easy way out when the going gets tuff.

Bluehost works with WordPress and they will install most themes for you (a great feature if you are not sure how to upload yourself). If you purchase a theme and it is not hosted with Bluehost it might cost you extra to find someone to do it for you.

If you need to you can always look on Fiverr for someone.

WordPress is the best it’s so easy to use it has a lot of themes to choose from, with a business site you can run a full woo commerce. WordPress will help you with their themes when it is time to upload and any other assistance you might need if you need help. Just contact support.

As I said, it really does matter how techie you are.

So the choice is yours both are excellent, it up to you.

I have provided a link for you to join Bluehost as a web host provider, this is an affiliate link I will receive a commission from Bluehost this is no cost to you.