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About Me

about me

  My passion planner is my BFF and I can’t do anything without it. Hi, my name is Michele Grant and I am a Virtual Assistant, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I save the day for business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers like yourself by taking over their day to day Pinterest or other Social Media needs. I […]

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How To Start A WordPress Blog In Minutes with Blue Host Web Hosting.

How to start a WordPress blog in minutes with Bluehost web hosting. Starting a new blog or lifestyle website can be fun, fast and easy with my step by step guide that walks you through it, in just a few clicks you can be finished in no time. Blue host is a recommended WordPress hosting provider with 1 click installation. […]

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How To Deal With Clutter At Work

How do you deal with clutter at work, I don’t know if you are like me but I despise clutter, anywhere in my life. I read an interesting article this weekend on the psychology of space and what it does to boost your creativity. That the lack of open space can reduce your productivity at work and at home. […]

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