My passion planner is my BFF and I can’t do anything without it.

Hi, my name is Michele Grant and I am a Virtual Assistant, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I save the day for business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers like yourself by taking over their day to day Pinterest or other Social Media needs. I help them by generating massive traffic for their business.

Why did I decide to start a Virtual Assistant business?  I am visually creative.

I  spent the last 15+ years as a professional makeup artist working with some of the big names in the industry. My love for color, style, and design are my true passions in life and helping others find their creative passion is what I am known for.

Blogging has provided the outlet that I need to be creative. My mission is to help you gain clarity with your business, blog or whatever type of social media it is that you need help with. If it’s a lifestyle blog, fashion blog or a website that you are passionate about I want to help you spend less time stressing about it and more time managing it in a better way.

If you already have a website, blog or store or are looking at starting one of your own, contact me or sign up for my free email list below to get lots of free blogging tips.


My passion is simple to live a more fulfilling life and that means not worrying about my social media.