woman on ladder making plans

The 5 Truths about Success are

  1. Your first step towards finding success is to build a set of beliefs that are consistently positive and productive. A set of attitudes and a new way of thinking that will support your path towards your success.
  2. Dedicate regular time to personal learning and growth.
  3. Success comes from taking many steps. Everyone wants it now and well that is just not possible if you want it to last. By thinking that it can happen overnight you set yourself up for disappointment. You must realize that success is many small consistent steps leading to one goal.
  4. Do you have what it takes to make it? Sure you do! You have drive, passion and a willingness to succeed. It’s normal to experience doubt. No one wants to admit it but we all go through it at different times in our lives.
  5. Building a business takes time. There really is not enough information out there telling you how long it takes to be successful.


This is where Intuitive Media Online can help, I hope to fill that grey area with some of my own personal experiences. The #1 thing I have come to realize is growth takes passion.

And without passion, there is no business.