3 Things nobody tells you about when you are starting your own business.

When you start an online business or blog, for that matter it’s important to get started with the right perspective.  I am guilty of charging full steam ahead wanting to get things done without actually thinking it through.

So here are the 3 most important questions you should ask yourself about your business perspective.


Why do you want to start it? What is the purpose of your business?  This is the hardest question to ask yourself, in the beginning, you will change your mind lots of times. The reason for this and it happens to everyone it because you don’t really know your true personality or style yet and the is why your reasoning must go beyond making money or to stay busy. You have to think about ways your business can make a difference in the world. When you focus on trying to help others your business will truly be one that matters to your target audience.


The second question builds upon your why. How will your business be set apart from the others similar to it? Your “how” will give you a better sense of direction on how you want your business to proceed. This is where your style will start to come through.


What services /products will your business provide in order to realize your “how”? By answering these three questions, you will get a better clarity on how your business will proceed. By getting the right perspective in the beginning your business will last longer and be an inspiration to others. If you already have a blog or business take a few minutes to ask yourself the Why? and How? questions for yourself.

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