Not to long ago I was feeling trapped and limited. The mindset that I had developed was keeping me from my full potential, I had enslaved myself. It was my own refusal to leave a situation that no longer suited me that was keeping me poor.

Somehow I started to believe that I was unable to support myself, that I needed someone else to help me. I am bringing this up today because this is very common issue among women, we tend to stick things out.

The funny part about this is that I have never needed a  business partner before and  for the majority of my life in have been in business for myself.  I guess I just wanted someone to help me with it, being an entrepreneur is not an easy business.

                                        “You have to find that balance in youself”

Well the drive for success and owning my own business again created a swift change in my mind. It was through the love for myself,  the strength of family and  good friends that I have found a balance in me once again.

buddha-708683_640                                                                        “A zen state”

The shift  created a collapse of shit that was going on in my life, it was like a light at the end of the tunnel. I became organized, shrewd and smart again.

                                “I now have a sensible approach to life, my life.”

The change in mindset has allowed me to walkway from a relationship that was going know where fast. I have become my own boss again, my own authority.  When you are in the drivers seat you control  your destiny.  I now have a new outlook on life from the lesson that I learned and that is full stream ahead.