Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office


If you do care about having a nice space to work from that not only compliments your home, but make you feel good when you are in it, I suggest that you get your sh*t together. I find it impossible to work  if it’s not organized. So on that note lets look at few things that need to be done first.

Decide where you are going to set it up, somewhere you can actually spread things out. Do you need to paint the area? Trust me on this one when you look around the room for a moment of inspiration the color of the wall matters . What kind of lighting are you going to use, natural by day lamp by night.  Start looking for a good desk it can take a minute to find one, why not make one yourself. Here is something you should never skimp on the office chair, you are about to spend countless hours in it get a good one.

Laptop, desktop you decide.


Look for more office tips, in my future post.


Are You Still Wasting Money On Your Energy Bill?


Every month, that bill comes in the mail or email. With a bit of help, you can get your energy costs under control and get that bill looking leaner every month!

Now the only question is, what are you going to do with all those savings?

Here are a few energy saving tips select energy-efficient window, skylights and doors when replacing existing ones. Storm windows, caulking, weather stripping and window treatments can all be used to reduce heat loss or gain.

Alway purchase energy-efficient appliances, and be sure you always operate them in an efficient manner.

Unplug devices when they are not in use.

Do all your laundry on the same day or after 7pm (the rates go down). Air dry when possible.

When it comes to lighting dimmers and energy-efficient light bulbs add to overall efficiency.

Keep the thermostat a couple of degrees less than normal  66° to 68° to really cut energy costs.  Start by turning it down at night or when you are heading out  for a few hours.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Cheerful for the Holidays



Five ways to make your home bright, cozy and cheerful for the holidays.

Fix it up: The light fixtures in your home are a reflection of your personal style and taste. Adding additional fixtures or replacing ones that aren’t your style can be fun and a creative way to brighten up your home!

Candles: Candles are a generally inexpensive and are extremely versatile. Adding various arrangements to different rooms in your home will instantly create an atmosphere of warmth and style. Get creative!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors not only create the illusion that your rooms are even bigger than they already are, they also reflect the light. Make your place warm and cozy by adding some mirrors in the hall, bedrooms and living spaces.

Open up: During daytime hours, keep your draperies and window coverings open. This will not only allow your home to absorb heat from the sun, but it will brighten up the long winter days that you spend at home.

Light up the way: Line your walkway with cost-efficient solar light fixtures to create a brilliant nighttime effect outside your home.